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Doris Pinkoski

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 After growing up on a farm near Pincher Creek, Alberta, and graduating from high school in Pincher Creek, Doris graduated from the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. Although the majority of her university studies were in the field of music and education, she was able to take various art courses as well. Doris taught music in elementary schools in Frazee, Minnesota, in Gibbons, Alberta, and in Spruce Grove, Alberta; namely, at St. Joseph Catholic School.

Doris, and her husband, Morley, lived in New Zealand for one year, teaching at a Maori Boy’s Boarding School near Auckland.

Doris has lived in Spruce Grove for more than 40 years, together with her husband, Morley, and sons, Colin and Keith. After Colin tragically died in a mountain climbing accident in 1999, Doris retired from her teaching career.  Doris began to take lessons in watercolour painting and in drawing in October, 2001.

Creating a painting has become a great source of healing for Doris. Being completely absorbed in the act of creating is a necessary part of her daily life.

The inspiration for many of Doris’ paintings comes from the nature which surrounds her and which is so very important to the members of her family.

Doris has been a Member of the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove since March, 2004.


Artist Statement:

Doris’ compositions are influenced by her background in music. As in a composition of music, which comes to life through the organization of the movement of melodic line, balance, harmony and form of sound, she strives to bring her painting to life through the use of movement, balance, harmony and form of colour, line and shape. In music the sound is enhanced by pauses and rests. In her paintings Doris strives to enhance and to give meaningful depth to her compositions by “painting in the negative”.

The range and depth of colour value is very important to Doris because it indicates the range of her inner feelings; feelings range from those that are light, sparkling and full of laughter, to those that are deep and intense, coming from the depths of the soul.

Just as we must strive to create a balance with our emotions that move within the full spectrum from light to dark, so does Doris attempt to create a balance of movement between the light and dark colour values and a balance of line and form in her compositions.


- 2004 – ACACA Central Zone Juried Art Show –“Grappling Grasses” - Honourable Mention Award – Beginner Category

- 2005 – “Learn To Love, Love To Learn” - Commissioned painting for St. Joseph School 25th Anniversary

- 2007 – Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove Feature Artist September 24 to October 13 – Exhibition entitled – “Medley of Memorable Moments”

- 2010 – Melcor Juried Active Members Show – “Daily Bread” - Honourable Mention Award

- 2012 –Novelty “It’s Winter” Show – “Winter Balm At Lake Beauvert” - People’s Choice Award

-  2012 – Open Art Competition – “Curtain Call On Hwy 56” - Second Place Award – Intermediate Category  

- 2012 – Open Art Competition – “Mountain Candy” - Honourable Mention Award – Intermediate Category

- 2013 – City of Spruce Grove ‘Art In Transit’ Program – “Passages” featured on transit passes

- 2013 – Open Art Competition – “Starratt Wildlife Sanctuary” - Honourable Mention Award – Intermediate Category

- 2015 – “Standing Ovation” - Commissioned painting for the Spirit of the City Award presented to Boston Pizza at the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala  

- 2016 – Juried Members Show – “Positive Ending” - Second Place Award

- 2016 – Open Art Competition – “Afternoon De-light” - Honourable Mention Award – Advanced Category  

- 2017 – “Season Finale” -Presented to McLeod Home Hardware for the Community Spirit Award at the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala

-2018 -Awarded First Place in the Advanced Category of the Open Arts Competition for “Pristine Pools”