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Ashley McIsaac

Fine Art

Ashley McIsaac

'Hello, Trouble' - David Wilcox - 24x24 - Edges Ultramarine, cut out holes - Copy.jpg

About their work:

Unconventional and bold, Ashley's artwork draws inspiration from many areas including personal life experiences, music, literature and people. Movement and energy can be seen in her abstract work through brushstrokes and colour choices, often with an addition of physical textures for depth and/or contrast. Ashley enjoys challenging herself with new forms of media for self expression and lifelong learning.

Still Standing  36x48  Elton John, dark green edges.jpg
'Let Me Go' (36x12) Inspired by Queen 'A Night at the Opera' - Light Blue edges, mixed media and glass.jpg
Wasteland 16x40 - Acrylic and mixed - Edges Black - 2018.jpg

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