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Speaker Series

Providing informative and interesting art information to members and meeting attendees. 

April 5, 2018

Photographing Your Artwork

Malissa Lea of Lea Photography & design

Malissa will share with us some basics on how best to photograph your artwork. Whether you are cataloguing your art piece or taking a photo for your website, Facebook or Instagram, Malissa will give you advice on lighting, arrangement, basic editing and when to call in the expert. Malissa is a professional photographer who specializes in portrait and fine art photography. In addition she also does digital art, photo editing and other types of art.

Malissa photography can be viewed on her website 

May 3, 2018

Terrie Shaw

Guest speaker Terrie Shaw will share the benefits that journaling has brought to her creative art journey, such as compositions, notans, values, pen and ink, plein air, creating light and shadows, focal point and good practice habits. She will talk about styles, layouts, designs, and themes, and how she turns her journal sketches into paintings and finishing journal covers.

Terrie’s journals can be viewed on her website: and her blog:

June 7, 2018

certificates of authentication & printmaking

owen garratt

Due to partial color-blindness , Garratt creates black and white drawings using graphite, chalk and charcoal. His subjects are largely taken from North American culture – featuring the oil and gas industries, agricultural scenes, and wild life. He is entirely self-taught, beginning his professional career as an artist after the drawing he produced for his grandmother – as a Christmas present.  Garratt believes that “The world wants its artists to climb above the tree-line, slay the dragon, and come back to tell the tale.”

Find more information on his website:   Reference: 

Past Speakers

February 1, 2018

Natural Dyes and Snow Dyeing

Glenn Gustafson from Sanctuary Craft Studio

Artisan Glenn Gustafson will share is his expertise on natural dyes and snow dyeing. Glenn uses nature to inspire his art, and he will take us through the process of how to use snow as the vehicle to create art on fabric, as well as reviewing information on natural dyeing using garden plants and native plant species. He is part of the Sanctuary Craft Studio and Gift Shop that is located in Parkland County beside the Clifford E Lee Nature Sanctuary.

March 1, 2018

Copyright for visual artists

Cindy James - aac president 

An understanding of copyright for artists and what can be used as reference material.