Allied Arts Council

Cindy Mclaren


Life is short…

I want to make a difference through art to enhance the lives of others. Each work is a diary of my explorations and thoughts that are executed with the materials at hand. Most of my inspiration comes from nature and my surroundings.

 Art is an outlet for inner expression and an opportunity to shine light on someone else’s life.

About the Artist

Cynthia McLaren is a self-taught Canadian artist, living in Edmonton, Alberta.
Like most artists, her passion for art developed at a very young age and started in her home town of Picton, Ontario.

After working several years in the graphic and interior design industry she made the decision to return to her love for painting.

Cynthia paints what inspires her. She is always challenging herself to paint various subjects and styles. She hopes to inspire people through her paintings and to capture the beauty that is all around us.