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The intent of the Christmas Store is to present quality handmade original gifts for sale made by AAC members or local artisans.  Purchased merchandise of any kind is against our mandate and therefore not allowed for resale.  There is no limit on the number of pieces a member may show at the Christmas Store as we want to have a grand display at the Gallery during the Festive Season. Limited space may impact displays and they may need to be adjusted as inventory changes. 

Cards professionally printed with your artwork as well as professional reproductions (i.e. gicleé prints), either shrink wrapped or framed will be accepted at the Christmas Store only.  These must be clearly identified as reproductions on the title card or tag, as well as the inventory sheet so that the purchaser is aware that they are buying a reproduction.  Maximum size is 16x20 inches. 



·         Original ornaments

·         Matted and Shrink wrapped paintings 16” x 20” (40.64cm x 50.8cm) and under

·         Reproductions or prints that are clearly labelled so that they are not mistaken for original art

·         Candles

·         Bath, body and beauty products with Health Canada CNF number and full ingredients listed

·         3D works

·         Packaged handmade art cards or cards professionally printed with your artwork

·         Other items accepted by the Christmas Store Committee in the application process

Not Allowed


·         Commercially purchased items or reselling of retail items

·         Food and other confections


*All items are subject to approval by the AAC before being placed in the Christmas Store