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Spruce Grove, Canada, 150 Mural Project


Communities across Canada have come together in the creation of an art project Mural, which focuses on each communities uniqueness.

Join in this HISTORIC event and Sign up for a ticket to come in and paint a tile that will become part of a mural for the City of Spruce Grove. There are weekday, evening and Saturday spots available. Each ticket represents one tile so if you are bringing 3 people with you please sign up for 4 tiles. This event is open to people of all ages...come be a part of history!

Painting sessions run through out Friday September 21, 2018 from 9:30am - 7:00pm, as well as throughout Saturday the 22, from 9:30am - 5:00pm.


Currently in the Gallery

Our biggest show of the year! The Open Art Competition brought in 140 works by Albertan Artists.

This competition is open to Alberta Residents over the age of 18 and who accept the rules of the show. There are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters, Three Dimensional and Photography categories. There is a Gala event for this show as well as prizes for the winners of each category.


featured artist application information

The Spruce Grove Art Gallery take yearly applications for anyone interested in having their art displayed in the gallery. Please click the learn more button for further information.


open art calls/competitions

These calls are open to all artists in Alberta 18 years of age and older.  Find out more about our Seniors' Show, Photography Show, Open Art Competition and Sculpture Show.


Allied arts council member shows

The member shows highlight the work of our members, volunteers, and instructors.  There is a wonderful diversity of fine art to be discovered at our gallery!

2018 Artist Line up

Main showroom

Feature Artist: Corrine Roberts

January 22 - February 9, 2018

Reception: January 27, 1pm - 3pm

AAC Member artwork rotation: January 22 - May 4

Feature Artist: Malissa Lea

January 22 - February 9, 2018

Reception: January 27, 1pm - 3pm

Members Show - "Figuratively Speaking"

March 6 - March 23

Reception: March 10, 1pm - 3pm

Feature Artist: Stephanie Medford

March 6 - March 23

Reception: March 10, 1pm - 3pm

Juried Members Show

March 26 - April 13

Reception: March 31, 1pm - 3pm

Open Sculpture Show

April 16 - May 4

Reception: April 21, 1pm - 3pm

High School Art Show

May 7 - May 25

Reception: May 12, 1pm - 3pm

Open Seniors Show

May 28 - June 22

Reception: June 2, 1pm - 3pm

AAC Member artwork rotation: June 25-September1


PDF Viewable Here

Open Photography Show
June 25 - July 20

Reception: June 30, 1pm -3pm

Feature Artist: Dianna Sapara

July 24 - August 10

Reception: July 28, 1pm - 3pm

Feature Artist: Val Enders

August 14 - August 31

Reception: August 25, 1pm - 3pm

Open Art Competition & Show

September 4 - September 28

Reception: September 7, 1pm -3pm

AAC Member artwork rotation: October 1 - January 18

Feature Artist: Larissa Hauck

October 2 - October 19

Reception: October 6, 1pm - 3pm

Feature Artist: Barbara Ann Gaboury

October 23 - November 9

Reception: October 27, 1pm - 3pm

Deck the Walls

November 13 - November 30

Reception: TBD

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In 2006 the Allied Arts Council (AAC) joined forces with the City of Spruce Grove to create the new state of the art Spruce Grove Art Gallery, which is located in the Melcor Cultural Centre at #35 – 5TH Avenue, in Spruce Grove, along with the Spruce Grove Public Library.

The AAC is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, which manages and operates the Spruce Grove Art Gallery.

The original artwork of local and Alberta artists is presented in the Spruce Grove Art Gallery.


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We offer high quality local art instruction and the chance to join us at local club events. That’s why we offer classes and workshops to all ages at all levels and abilities.