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Photography Skills 1-3

Photography Skills 1-3


Please note this is the online product to take all three classes in the spring session

Camera Mastery

Saturdays: 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Level 1 — From Auto to the Great Beyond: January 19

Do you have a digital camera with so many functions, features, and controls that you have no idea where to begin?  Do you leave your camera on "Auto" and hope for the best?  Are you frustrated when your picture doesn't turn out?  This beginner course is intended to help you feel more comfortable with your camera. 

Level 2 — Images with Impact: March 2

Are you frustrated when your picture doesn't turn out how you envisioned it?  Is it lacking that “feeling” that you had when you took it?  This workshop is designed to help you “see” the shot that you want to take

Level 3 — Creative Mastery: April 27

This advanced course will help you understand the creative powers of both aperture & shutter speed and their impact on your photographs.  These, and other creative tools, will be explored in this workshop and provide you with practical knowledge on their use. 

$55/person/level or $150 for all three

Instructor: Al Dixon

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